Where it all began…

The story so far:

Can’t really remember how we first heard of Brett McFall, but found ourselves at one of his one-day seminars on creating an internet business in May of this year.  We were blown away with how simple it all seemed and bought into his program.  With no prior research on him or really on internet marketing either, we took a gamble and hoped it would pay off.


Because of a delay in receiving the promised dvd’s and start-up information, and not taking the notice of Brett’s website we should have, I guess we lost a bit of the momentum he had inspired in us. When we finally received The Package we watched bits and pieces, but did not really follow the steps as we had intended to. (mistake 1?)

We spent the next few months considering our niche, getting excited over one, only to reject it later when we found no one else cared about it and going on to the next idea and finding the same result.  Meanwhile we were carefully filing the emails and dvd’s sent to us by Brett and not really doing much more.  We were, in fact, a little overwhelmed with all the new information we were learning. Yes, I have to admit it, we are of the baby boomer generation – I think that says it all!!!

The related articles attached to this blog help to explain our brain freeze.Unknown-1

imagesThe big change came when we went to the Gold Coast to attend Brett’s  ‘Warp Speed Weekend’.  This was exciting and inspiring, inducing us to upgrade our program with Brett as well as purchasing a program called Facebook Formulas with Jim Graham.  We came home with pages of notes and Great Expectations!


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